The Bite
Chimy Changa

A bizzare photo tag

By Kington
From Emily. No not my kitten.

No not Mackey house's hottie.

Uhhhh here

The idea here is to go to your 6th picture file and choose the 6th picture, and then tag 6 blogging friends.

Whats there to say really? Hurm hurm. I remember the cause and reason for this picture....was....

"Eh I heard got a lot of hot chicks in LEO right?"

"err yeah...."

"Go snap pics of them."

"wah dahm pervert. Which 1?"

"simply take only la."

4 years down and here it is in my recompiled stuff from my desktop hard drives.

Don't ask me what happened to them man I can only remember Sook Yen's name and thats it lol. Although knowing the quality of my com(caresses it with unhealthy glee) I could quite possibly zoom in and find out....but nah. This was from the day my year had the stepping up ceremony. And as usual it was up to me to run around going shutter happy.

I think it got in the mag too honestly. Can someone back home verify?

Oh well a small dose of iritation for the people who so fervently dig up stuff about me. Had I actually cleaned up my drives properly. And thrown out the scrapped pictures. You would have gotten to see a pic of the girl who taught me the basics of flirting ooooooo I would call her si fu if I could find her too heh.

Anyway I tag:





SUH MING!(if you find the megabytes to do so)

and.... PUI YEAN! ( i wanna see what photos you have in your com heh)


The Sudden Farewell

By Kington
Terribly overdue.


She must be pissed.

There's no doubt.

It's because I left so suddenly. Heck she's got every reason to be pissed. All she had was 1 week notice.

Oh I'm afraid of her piercing gaze. Her sharp stare.

It's always so stabby whenever I say something that's awfully ambigious about what I've been up to.

So I'm glad the last goodbyes were through E-mail and sms.

Escaping most of the fury. But then again I was smart enough to tell her at times when she would check only at work or when busy.

But then again I wish I could've stayed for just 1 more month.

Maybe it would have been great to have all of us grinning from ear to ear watching her taking her slow march.

Looking her very best. With the crowd just silently watching with quiet smiles on their faces and all the little girls amazed at how beautiful she would be but all the boys fidgeting because they can't wait for some cake. Boys will be boys.

I really wanted to be there. But I can't.

I'll get you a wedding gift when I come back. =P

Things to do

By Kington
Before I go:

Collect numerous house addresses.
See that dentist which I'm so bloody afraid of.
Get that jaw x-ray.
Get that chest x-ray.(I'm going to glow when I come back from the hospital)
Get that laptop. Fill it with the other European languages.
Get that visa.
Get that Visa.
Get that flight ticket.
Get that music from Eswhy.
Port the load from my desktop onto my future laptop.
Clear out most of the cupboards in the house.
Pack that soon to be near the weight limit bag.
Shop for thicker than normal clothes.
Load up on drugs.
Finish a few calculations. And not to forget pass them along.
Call Lesley.
Adjust some muscles.
Learn how to cook properly.
Select some tools.
Leave some things behind.
Buy tissue for people to weep at the airport.(just kidding la should't you guys go somewhere to celebrate after I ciao?)

And see all the monyets for the last time.

No bomb!

By Kington
"Don't get hurt, don't fall down, don't trip, because if you get hurt no one is going to help you, no one is going to give you any sympathy and they're going to screw you for getting hurt in the first place."

Growing up with that kinda advice has always been....uhhh yeah you can guess.

"Everyone will be watching your every move waiting for you to screw up, so learn how to watch your own back."

"You gotta cover your own ass cause people will be setting you up. People are going to let you catch the shit."

I guess thats why people keep on coming to me. Some kinda natural stability I have. The shelter in the storm. Even when my life flips I'm still praised for the plans I have stocked or the new plans that I form.

Then the results flipped me like a ramly. And grilled me like a steak.(pardon the food analogy hungry lah)

So I backed up into my contingency plans. Long and complex.

They were all thrown out of the window by the very person who gave me the advice. And they sure hit the sidewalk hard.

Then a friend heard about things and took me for a walk and handed me a stick to use on random leaves to insanely destructive effects. He was wowed by my martial prowess. I'm deadly with anything 3 and a half feet long.

Another 2 kept checking up on me.

An e-mail from australia told me to cheer up.

When I called one of my "daughters" to inform her about something else she was also very concerned about my current state.

So I guess the first report that came out about me was pretty bad. But things cooled pretty fast.

So stop acting like I'm a bomb about to go off wei. I'm ok seriously. *jabs Li-Sheen* I'm not emo.*prod prod*

I sure hope this isn't a bad precedent

By Kington
i've just had an incredible 24 hours

I've just got back from an all meals free trip to melaka with free lodging in the home of the yeow sisters xinyi and xinyan

But the past few hours leave much to be desired. When i arrived home after the long drive...

I was told to give up my phone, my car, going cross country, and pay 500.

I hope my results go wel.

Karma biting you in the @$$

By Kington
I've been having problems with my health a lot. And it seems to be precisely after I go out with a girl.

Which is bizzare. I think some jealous guy cursed me. That or one of my angry groupies.

30th June I ended up with severe muscle damage and some mental repair work to perform. From the night before. Was not easy.

Then I was taken to go pick up chicks. I ended up a cripple.

Soon after I was busy like mad and didn't see anyone for awhile except for Peggy and Yee Hwa. Which nothing happened.

Then I went off to see Pui Yean. I fell asleep on the floor and had a cold which has plagued me until now.

Then I went out with sweet ol'....Whoops I mean young Xinyan. Sorethroat for a very very long time.

So what was the last thing to happen? My hands got mauled. Shortly after I was drowned in a slew of work with scalpels without handles, extremely heavy boxes, super heating blowers and glue. I've got cuts all over my hands, which I've cauterized one by accident with the blower but I'm not really bothered cause I could've gotten more cuts if I had the skin of a pantywaist.....but I got stabbed by a box. Yes Wtf people. I got stabbed by a box and it got stuck deep enough to draw blood. And the freaking scalpels only cut me once!

Papercuts are deadly.

Passing By

By Kington
The door handle eases of it's centre as if it was made out of rubber when I push it open.

"Cheap door"

The black and white marble lining all polished covers the whole lobby with a central gazebo of white being the concierge.

I swallow my earlier comment.

It's warm so I pluck up my sleeves a bit to expose more of my upper arms to the cool aircond.

As we approach the restaurant, the head waiter steps out to greet us.

I glance right and I see a young woman staring back at me her hand pausing in the air to whilst replace the cutlery.

We lock eyes briefly.

She's pretty with her sharp features on her soft cheeks forming a slightly cunning face with her long hair framing everything so beautifully. Her jeans and her shirt tell me she's a traveller possibly arrived or preparing to leave.

I turn my attention back to the menu being shown to us and she continues picking out food from the table.

We decide against Japanese and enter the coffee house instead.

1 hour to go.

"the mussels are good"

I scoop up a plate of it and the day's meal sponsor picks a few of the juicier ones.

Turning around I notice her picking at the local appetisers.

I pick a bun and head on back to my table.

As she passes by she looks at me again and I glance briefly at her just long enough for her to know that I noticed.

She takes her seat and I look across the table to know that I'm lagging behind on the mussel massacre.

As I sink my teeth into a tough foccacia bun, I look left and I catch her stealing another look.

"Be more discreet dearie" flits through my head.

As she continues eating I examine her table in between plucking the flesh from the mussels. 3 young women, 1 elderly woman and 1 young man. Looks like a family without a father.

I notice the bag resting against the table leg. I'd guess it's hers.

We continue to glance at each other throughout the rest of the meal and briefly lock eyes once in awhile.

Finally our eyes meet and neither of us turn away. I give her a subtle smirk and she gives me a quiet smile.

I go off to check out the fruits and as I scan around looking for anything worth taking, I feel her vision focusing on me. I pick out a 2 mangosteens and turn around to head back to my table.

She looks away. As I approach her table she turns to look at me once more and her eyes trail me to my table as I take my seat, she rejoins the conversation at her table.

The bill is paid as I finish my mangosteens.

I give her one last look. She doesn't turn around.

And we leave the place.

Dear girl...If only I could be sure you're from the same place. Maybe we'll catch the same flight. Maybe there'll be an empty seat next to yours which I will so gladly fill because I'm travelling alone. Maybe we'll meet at some party if we're from the same country.

But until we meet again. If we ever meet again. We're both travellers and this is really as good as it gets.

And I'm off to the airport.